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Boundary layer inflation problem near leading edge

Hi guys, I am trying to get this inflation right but this cambered airfoil( especially the LE nose curvature) is making it really tough. A symmetric airfoil makes things easy but I hope anyone can help me out :+1:

Here is my link and feel free to ask me anything regarding my project :slight_smile:

I am really sorry but I figured it out !

Hey @rbon!

Could you post your solution to the problem here? I would then mark it as the solution and other users would appreciate your valuable input :wink:



yes sure; the thing which helped me out was the bounding box resolution ( cells in the resp. axes ). Even though I have turned off ’ Relative layer sizing ’ ,increasing the bounding box resolution helped me get the proper inflation. I think most probably it is related to the snap control or mesh quality control perfectly meeting the requirements; but if you seem to be facing such a problem I suggest you try to :

A) maintain a cell aspect ratio near to 1 ( of the BB )
B) Play around with the mesh quality and snap controls
C) Try improving the BB resolution ( make it more dense )


  1. This were my initial BB resolutions and this resulted in the above^( first post) mesh.


  1. This is my improved BB resolution.


And with these values my mesh becomes:

But if you are really looking for the reason behind it then maybe @jousefm can answer it properly.
P.S : I really want to know the reason too :wink: