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Boundary conditions snapshot


Dear friends,
When we create reports of different types (either academic or work) a useful tool is to be able to summarize in a single photograph the general boudary conditions that are applied. Various commercial software allow it, I think it can be useful for users the option of photographing all the boudary conditions.

Friends, what do you think?


Hi Camilo!

That’s definitely a good idea! As you might know you can see the applied BC for each case in the settings under the run you currently are looking at. I guess you refer more to the visual representation of the loads like arrows and encastre BCs that bring even more intuition to the table, right?

Cheers and thanks for your feedback!



Yes, a graphic representation helps to summarize very efficiently.


Fully agree on this one, would be a very easy and standardized way to share the BC for every case/project.