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Boundary conditions in a closed warming cabinet

Hi! I am working on simulating heat flow in a warming cabinet. I am quite new to this but I’m struggling with defining boundaries in this closed system.

As you can see in the picture id like there to be a velocity inlet into the cabinet (basically an oven) at a speed of 0.975m/s (red arrows) and a pressure outlet past the flaps on the back panel (blue arrow). The fan region will be a rotating zone at rpm 220. Element is a 500W power source. Any idea how I can define the boundaries without there being an error - Multiple boundary conditions or interface assignments for the following entities: face1821@air, face1804@air, face1778@air

Any other tips to improve my simulation is welcome:)

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Hi, this is Fillia :smiley: Welcome to the forum!

The issue here is that you have applied boundary conditions on contact faces, which is not allowed.

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Thanks Fillia! How would you recommend going about that? The contact faces are between air and cabinet. Should I get rid of the air volume?

What condition do you want to apply to these faces? If you want to apply a simple wall bc, keep in mind that there is no need to create a set, as the faces that are not assigned anything are automatically modelled as walls :smiley: