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Boundary conditions assignment to mesh

I recently have started a new project of analyzing air flow of a centrifugal blower. Now after performing the mesh I tried to assign the boundary conditions on the mesh but they were being applied to the geometry but as far as I know after the latest update the boundary conditions are going to be assigned on the mesh.
The link of my project is given below:-
It would be very helpful if anyone could give a solution to this problem why the mesh isn’t being selected and how to select.

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Hi Tasdid!

There are several other posts regarding this issue, I already forwarded this to our engineers and they are having a look at it. @anirudh2821998 has overcome this issue by using boolean operation for his geometry to make it work. Maybe he can give you some additional input on your geometry as some sort of quick fix.



Hi @redwanpranto15

You need to first work upon your geometry before trying to make a mesh. The domain through which your fluid will flow is not right. I am attaching an image for your reference. Also, you can take a lok at this post in which I have described how to make a geometry to make a successful MRF region- Issue with assigning mesh as the domain