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Boundary Conditions and Solver - Non linear Wire Bending Problem


Hello every one,
Above posted link contains my model I have been trying to bend the along the curved surface and to make the free connector( volume on volume geo 0) touch the surface of the G10-2 piece (volume on volume geo 2). I have tried to give remote displacement which I think terribly went wrong since I am very much new to the interface. I request if anyone can provide me with some input.
Thanking you,
Jithin sai sandra .


Hi Jithin (@jsandra)!

I saw that you also had a look at the bending project from the public projects here: Pipe Bending FEA. The @PowerUsers_FEA and me will have a look at the setup and make some adaptions if necessary and get back to you asap!

All the best!



Hi @jsandra,
you were actually not that far away. I made a copy and just changed a few things, amongs the most important were:

  • replace the sliding contact between the wire and the roll from a “sliding contact” to a “physical contact” (the sliding contact just allows relative sliding of surfaces normal to their initial surface normals (no update for large deformations nor separation possible)
  • replace the rotation center for the rotating motion to the center of the roll
  • added a sliding constraint to the free end with the wire clamped
  • I computed a new mesh which has a lot less elements in areas where no dense meshing is needed:

This is how the results look like after a 180° turn:

You can check out the project and review all modifications here:

For the results to be actually realistic, there are still some things to do, like changing the linear elastic material behavior of the wire with an elasto-plastic one.



Hello Mr. Richard,
I am really thankful for your contribution. you almost solved it. I will take your advices into consideration, Physical contact didn’t strike to my mind at any time . In the simulation file I see that in constrains for rotating motion you have selected 2 faces. can I know why ? is there any significant reason ?.
Thanking you.


Hello Mr richard,
The results section of your project doesn’t show the bending results which you posted.
thanking you,
Jithin sai Sandra


Hello sir,
Thanks for your contribution and help.
Jithin sai Sandra


I actually chose 8 faces:

They were more or less random, I just selected a few more to not have a high stress concentration on a face due to the constraint. The correct assignment depend on how this application works in reality. But I guess it does not really matter if you are interested only into the bending of the wire.

To see the deformed shape in the post-processure you would need to add a “Warp by vector” filter.
I guess you might want to watch this webinar on how to use the post-processor: Online Post-Processing with SimScale