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Both CAD and simulation via web browser

Following the recently announced partnership between Onshape and SimScale, I tend to use Onshape a lot for the CAD related work before (and after) the simulation. One of my first tests was a very quick cyclone separator flow analysis for testing purposes that I would like to share here:

I modeled 2 versions of the separator over at Onshape which is shown in the animation below.

Uploaded it to SimScale, generated an automatic hex-mesh for internal flow and ran a quick turbulent flow simulation (using exemplary values for the boundary conditions).

So the mesh and simulation setup is not very sophisticated but it was a lot of fun just using the web browser for getting such a task done. Would love to see what you guys are doing with it.

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I love what they are doing at Onshape and I’m keen to start using it as soon possible. But it currently does not support split faces. For me this is very limiting. I often use split faces for creating surface regions to attach contacts, loads and constraints.

Does anybody have a workaround for this?


I agree - certain functionality that is especially useful for simulation preparation of CAD data is not yet available in Onshape.

I myself do need very often an “extract fluid domain” functionality for internal flow simulations, where other CAD systems provide special tools/operations for. Currently I am using sort of a hybrid mode - doing most of the tasks in Onshape and then for the final steps running the model through another software (not sure if this is a feasible workaround for your application though… ). Seeing their development speed though, I guess the functionality will rapidly expand.



I’ve just noticed that OnShape now supports “split faces”. This is a great addition for SimScale users.

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This is indeed exciting news! Thanks for sharing @BenLewis