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I am trying to help my daughter with a science project to build a Boomilever.
She asked me for help to figure out the best angle and length to support maximum weight.
Can someone help?
My email is I am not a structural engineer or a mechanical engineer. so would really appreciate any help you can offer.

Josh M

Hi @jmakinas,

My friend @jousefm should be able to help you get started on the FEA analysis.

For starters however, you will need reference dimensions and to draw out the CAD.



Hi guys and thanks for tagging me Barry!

@jmakinas, this project might help your daughter:

Also I would recommend that she starts the FEA tutorial here: May I ask in which grade she is and if there are any more input parameters or restrictions for the simulation? We would love to help you out here but keep in mind that your daughter should experience this task by herself and ask if she gets stuck somewhere :slight_smile: