Boat hull resistance CFD

Hi, I’m looking for help running a resistance analysis of a boat hull I’ve designed. I’d like to get some numerical results as well as visual plots. I have uploaded my geometry but need some help setting up the boundary conditions and the rest of the simulation.

Any help/guidance would be greatly appreciated as this is a new process to me.

Here’s a link to my current project: SimScale

I created it from a copy of an existing public project, and imported my geometry. I believe I need to change the air/water volumes but I’m not too sure where to start.

Thanks so much!


There is a pretty lengthy forum thread on a very similar project (link) that might be relevant (BCs, etc.): Collaborative simulation project? Multiphase flow around a boat hull

Regarding material assignment & initialization, this article should help you out: Multiphase Materials and Initialization | Knowledge Base | SimScale