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Blank screen in workbench

When I open the simscale wokbench in Chrome on Chrome OS i typically just get a blank screen. Sometimes the different frames are shown but empty, even if there is items to show.
The problem doesn’t, seem to occur when I use Chrome for Windows or Android. I don’t know whether it is an OS specific problem or it is due to som setting in the browser on my chromebox. Is this a know problem, has anybody encountered something similar?

Interesting @mbratbo! Thanks for letting us know.

Could you post a screenshot of the issue please and tell us what your system setup looks like and which version of the browser you are using?



I have testet a bit and it looks like the first and perhaps second time workbench is opened it is normal after that it first shows empty frames and then a blank screen. To have a normal workbench again it is necessary to restart the computer.
Martin Bratbo

Thanks for the detailed information @mbratbo!

I will forward this and inform our engineers - if that is related to our system we will let you know.

Enjoy your weekend!