Battery module thermal simualtion

I am doing a project for heat generation in a battery module constituded by several cells. I have a SOC VS temperature map of the cell that allows to obatain the produced heat. My question is the following: since the heat produced by the cell is function of temperature, is there a way to make Simscale comunicates with map istant by instant? In other words, the map gives a certain power heat produced by the cell for a given initial temperature of the cell. For this amount of heat SImscale evaluates the corresponding temperature increase of the cell. The new temperature can be the output of Simscale and the input for the map for the evaluation of the new heat power and repeat iteratively the procedure?


If I understand correctly, you are looking to set a temperature-dependent power source? If that’s the case, this is currently not possible - feel free to add a feedback to this public roadmap page.

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Thank you!