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Basic electronic cooling doesn't work

I’m trying to run a very simple simulation of electrical component cooling.
My issue is, every time I run the simulation I get this error: Maximum number of iterations exceeded.
I don’t understand why, I already double and triple checked the boundary and everything seems ok for me.
Can you please help me to solve this issue.


Hey @rcorporandy,
i had a fast look at your mesh. I seems you have a box in a box, is it necesary ? My this cause the error.

Best regards


See the following explanation about the error

Also, having had a quick look at your simulation, your mesh is ridiculous coarse; it needs to be much much finer than that.

@Kai_himself well spotted! I thought that he removed the outer box as he used open inner region, but now I see he chose to keep existing part. It is almost certainly unnecessary.

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Thanks for your help,
I should have given you more information about the project, sorry about that.
I want to know the maximum temperature inside the cabinet (large box) generated by 4 electrical components (4 small boxes inside the cabinet).

I followed the link provided by @ roy_g but I’m still stuck.
I reduced the meshing size (it took me 4h) but same result.

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Hey @rcorporandy,

It’s a different problem that is occurring now. You’re using 4 cores to run this simulation and the machine is running out of memory (because your mesh size is too big for a 4 cores machine). Head over to simulation control and select an instance with more cores:


It’s seems to work now.
Thanks a lot guys.

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