Bad values for Lift and drag forces around a foil (hex-dominant parametric mesh)

Hi everyone,

I want to make a simulation of a flow around a foil in water. I’m using a hex dominant parametric mesh and while running my simulation, I checked the convergence of the forces around the foil and I don’t understand why the pressure force x is negative and the other forces very low for what I am expecting…I stopped the simulation because this foil should generate a lift of at least 350N, which is absolutely not the case.
I don’t know what could be the problem. Does anyone could help me to find out where I failed my mesh or in my simulation parameters please? I’m not using the Pro version but only the free version of Simscale.

Here the link of the project:

Hi @egrondin!

First off, you do not need the pro version to either get accurate results on SimScale or to use a different mesher giving you more accurate results or anything like that. The pro license comes with more features, support and some more benefits.

Regarding the simulation I cannot see anything that is weird in terms of setup. Also your BCs are not assigned, so I cannot see what you put where and see if there’s a mistake. Please set up the simulation and also let us see what parameters you put in to determine the drag & lift coefficient.

It should generate 350N - what does it generate now?