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Bad Quality of render in Old Postprocessor

Dear Simscaler:

I have one error using the reflect filter in the old post processor,
this prevents me from leaving a good photograph for the preview of some projects

I have found that mottling like that is usually caused by having multiple mapped items to the same geometry turned on at the same time.

I have not used reflections before but maybe ‘Copy Input’ should be off or something like that.

On slices that is usually caused by the ‘show slice plane’ left on.

I may be off on this, if so you will have to wait for the experts to wake up tomorrow :wink:


Hi @camilomati,
is your mesh 2nd order?

Yes :slight_smile: @rszoeke

Ok, so I guess it is related to a rather old bug with the Paraview-based post-proc - it seems that somehow the numbering for the triangles gets mixed up during the reflect (and other similar) filters.

As the old post-processor is going to be deprecated with the full release of the new WB, I don’t see us fixing this bug but rather invest the time in bringing the transform/reflect filter to the new Post-processor.



Thanks you Richard, I will use a complete model to have a better preview for the platform

seems like an overkill to do a full model just to have a nice picture in the end, or not?
You could add nice pictures into the comments below your project if you want to have high-quality pictures in there.


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