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Axisymmetric problem

I would like to preform heat transfer axysimmetric analysis.
I find an example which explain this case but it used a regular symmetric BC/
For axisymmetric case, the equation is different form the 3-D regular case.
How can I preform an axisymmetric analysis?
Thank you,

Hi @samuelshannons,

you could use a slice of your component and use two sides of it with a symmetric boundary condition assuming that the loads and the boundary conditions are symmetric as well. In Paraview you could then use the filter Rotational Extrusion in order to get a 360° revolution of your component.

Another option would be to prescribe a displacement of 0 for the direction of the symmetry plane.

Example #1: Hertzian Contact Between 2 Spheres

Example #2: Rubber seal sliding analysis MLarreta

Example #3: Axisymmetric pressure vessel

Feel free to share your model here so that we can have a look at your heat transfer problem.



Thank you very much for your answer.
Slice with symmetric BCs (homogeneous Neumann BCs) is a good idea.

Attached link for 2 analysis:
Full 3-D body and slice with symmetric BCs:

Heat transfer Axisymmetric study

I’m think that the second example (Rubber seal) is an example for Plane-Strain case (but not to axisymmetric case).

Hey Samuel,

For heat transfer studies you don’t have to apply anything on symmetry sides. The solver consider it to be having nothing therefore no need to apply e.g. zero heat flux. I saw that though you are trying to apply only convection on the outer surface of the spheres, Is it what you are looking for? or do you also have to apply surface heat flux or simple temperature?


Hi Ahmed,
Thanks - this is similarly to Traction-Free BCs.
Yes - I’m trying only convection on the outer spheres.