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Automatic PDF Report

The report looks really nice, but when I download it, the file does not have the *.PDF extension. I just get this file called “ReportDownloadServlet”, and I had to add the file extension myself locally. Would be nice if it had a descriptive name like “Project - Simulation Run” (This is a nice-to-have) and the proper file extension (I think this is just a bug).


From the looks of it, there are 2 different ways to download the report. One being the download button (green) and the other being a download icon in the viewer (red).

The download button (green) generates the report with the report title given and the .pdf extension as you wanted - while the download icon (red) does the “ReportDownloadServlet”…

I’m not sure why we have two workflows here - I’ll pass this along to the team. Thanks for reporting!


Ah I see, thanks! Ya, the download button from within the browser PDF viewer has always been my go-to, because most websites don’t have any other option.

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