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Automated report generator?

The report generator does not:

  1. Document the boundary conditions for either the loads or restraints. It would be great if it did. In a very simple analysis I applied a restraint to a face set and the loads to 3 off face sets. These ought to be referenced.
  2. The stress-strain curves or UTS of the material was also not present.

Could you perhaps review these requirements? Thanks.

Hi @mennelli,

Thanks for posting, feedback is always appreciated. I’d like to get a better idea of what you mean:

I am looking at your piston project + report. On page 5 and 6 the Boundary Conditions are documented for the fixed face and pressure load that was applied. Is this what you are looking for?

So in addition to the provided material info, you would like to see the stress-strain curve and UTS added here?


In my “Piston” model the constraint boundary conditions are applied to “face sets“ as shown in the image and yet the report does not document this, I think it should. Similarly for the load cases…

Some material properties are listed including Young’s modulus & Poisson’s ratio and I think it would be good to be able a 0.2% proof stress, UTS etc.
Hope this helps.
By the way, I am very impressed.


Ok, I didn’t notice the face sets at first glance. This makes sense then to have the faces for the applied BC named in that section of the report. Same for the material properties. I will pass these feature requests onto our development team.

Thanks again!