Automated CFD Simulation for optimizing strategies

I´m trying to automate a CFD Simulation for an optimising strategies. The strategy will generate several slight different geometries and I need a programm in which I can import my geometry and can run automatically the specified simulation and export the drag and lift force. So my question is if this problem is solvable with Simscale.
And if not which CFD simulation tool suitable for this exercise is.
I hope that you can help me with this.

Hi @simon_werner!

You can upload all your geometries here on the platform but not every file format. If you are working with Solidworks or Autodesk some information here:

  • Single parts: single SLDPRT or IPT files
  • Assemblies: zip or tar.gz archives containing SLDASM+SLDPRTs or IAM+IPTs - placed in the root of the archive, without nested directories
  • *.3dm Rhino part

Other than that we support typical file formats such as:

SimScale supports the generic CAD formats

  • STEP
  • IGES
  • STL

You can easily see the drag and lift forces in the post-processor tab of SimScale and add several other result control items if needed and are as well able to export this data in a format like CSV, XLS etc.

Please let me know if that helped you and if we can do anything else for you!



Hi @simon_werner,

Regarding automatic runs of all the geometries that will not be possible because as far as I know SimScale does not support scripting nor does it have an option to allow you to create custom scripts on their platform.

However, with that being said SimScale is able to reduce the work needed that would otherwise be done manually. You are able to copy and duplicate multiple sets of setups for both the mesh and simulation parameters. Then all you have to do is to select the geometry or mesh that you want to mesh/simulate with the parameters you duplicated. It is not as good as automatic scripts like what you would expect in the industry but for say around 10-20 geometries you can do it this way with relative ease.

As for other software I not am familiar with them. Ansys FLUENT does have some sort of automatic script but I have zero experience with. StarCCM+ probably has a way since it is kind of designed for server use in some sense but again, no experience with it. OpenFOAM however is a special exception. You can customize the software to run different geometries and gather all the results automatically as you would like but you need to know how script to and code. Not to mention setup OpenFOAM in the first place. SimScale is using OpenFOAM as well and you have the luxury of being able to have more computing power in the cloud which means no setting up and faster run times.

So if its for say 10-20 geometries I suggest you do it here on SimScale. If you’re talking about over 100 plus geometries, maybe you might want to look into OpenFOAM.

Hope this helps.



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Thanks for jumping in and pointing some things out I did not @Get_Barried!

Regarding scripting you could use SimScale’s partner OnShape and use scripts there to optimize your geometry - that’s the first thing that came into my mind. I think it is called Feature Scripts! For OpenFOAM you have the option of using Dakota.