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Assignment on defeatured entities not supported

I am working on simulating the airflow in a cooling duct for a 3D printer. My first few simulations went well, but I am now having problems where it does not allow my to start a Simulation run, with the error:
Assignment on defeatured entities solid_0_face_68, solid_0_face_74 not supported.
This was from the Simulation setup:

An earlier run, with a similar surface, generated by the same original code, worked quite well:

The surfaces that it is complaining about are the air intake faces, which I am assignming as velocity inlets/

What does it mean by defeatured surface, and why does it not like these faces now, when almost identical earlier versions worked fine?

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Hi @acwest

The mesh quality is not appropriate to work with and thus the cells are not able to generate on small surfaces, which leads to defeaturing. You should try to refine your mesh and if you don’t know enough about refining, then first try with the hex dominant automatic mesh of moderate quality. I hope improving the mesh quality will lead to a successful simulation.


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I have seen this mentioned before, what does moderate quality mean? I don’t see anything that says what a moderate quality meansa as far as actual settings?

I think I figured it out myself, I just started with a finer grid, and that seems to have helped a lot

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