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Assigning Volumes Result in an Error

Any one know how to fix this error? refineded surface( 0 volumes )**

I mean how to enter values on it

Hey @ykirigaran,
i think you have to choose in example a Geometry Primitive, around the rotation zone.

Greetz Kai

Thanks for helping. I still did not get the answer for why I am getting refined surface as 0 volumes. my apologies. do you mind providing me how to get the values as shown in the step by step solution for that respective operation


The snapshot from step by step as below

Yeah, even with next level operation I was not able to get 2nd operation (i.e. not gettting surface with layers box displayed to edit in my file ). I do not know how to get displayed on my interface to edit it


Hi @ykirigaran!

Could it be that you created a mesh and now try to add refinements to it? In this case you have to delete the results by right-clicking on the existing mesh and then add your adaptions. I can have a closer look at that in the evening (internet in the train super slow).



Haa … Thanks man :slight_smile: .

Did it work @ykirigaran? :slight_smile:

All the best!


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