Area of entity and flowrate in integral surface

I find that it could be useful that, in the way that OpenFOAM does, when integral surface is calculated for monitoring, it could be possible to integral the “phi” (flux, or integral of normal component of velocity) and, also, to obtain the value of the patch surface.
Eventhough, congratulations for the amazing platform.

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Hello Robert,

Great to hear that SimScale platform proves to be useful for you.

Thank you for the suggestions- our development team is working on improving the viewer / post-processor and will get these topics on their agenda.

Regarding the flux calculation, you can already do that when using Result Control Item -> Area Integral over a given surface. As far as I recall, in OF at external boundaries phi is equivalent with U * A.
Regarding the area of the surface- this indeed could be included. At the moment you can do that in ParaView:
Select the face you are interested in (ExtracBlock, etc), use MeshQuality filter with Area as parameter, them IntegrateVariables. This way you obtain the area of the meshed face.

Hope this helps a bit!


Hi, Pawel,
Thanks for your response. Yes, it helps!
However, I know that you can compute the flow rate in a patch with Area Integral, but I think that it only works when this surface is normal to one of the coordinate axes. Otherwise you have to estimate by velocity components. And, also, it would be almost impossible if the surface is not plane. OpenFoam solves this by recording and integrating the fluxe variable phi in each mesh cell face. I wonder if could be possible to do that in Simscale.
With best regards