Aquarium Flow Simulation


I’m trying to conduct a study of how inlet/outlet flow rates affect the circulation of seawater within an aquarium. I imported a model of the tank, with an inlet pipe above the tank, and a hole in the tank as an outlet.

It’s only my 2nd project on Simscale, and I’m having issues with the meshing/simulation. One error I’m seeing is “A multi-region mesh was assigned - this analysis-type requires a single-region mesh.” when I attempt the simulation.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


Hi Cam, nice project idea!

Please post your project link here. Also, there are a lot of people with the similar issue regarding multi-region mesh. Maybe the forum search function can help you out here before we have more posts dealing with the same issue :slight_smile:



Thanks Jousef, I’ve edited the post to include the project link :slight_smile: I’ll search the forum for help with the mesh problem!