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Applying remote Force at center of gravity

Dear All,

I have an assembly of platform including UPN 140 beams, grating, handrails, handrail posts etc. This structure is supported on 4 equally spaced platform support plates and beams
( all welded together).

I want to define a load condition by applying a Remote Force equivalent to weight of the platform at Center of Gravity of the assembly. Now, I have the co-ordinates of C.O.G w.r.t platform geometry but I am unable to transfer these co-ordinates to SimScale, since it defines the application point w.r.t to G.C.S.


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Hi AT (@TAshish),

you should be able to get the COG of the platform with respect to the GCS out of your CAD system. This can be seen in the example below.

I took a quick look at your simulation set up. I can see that your welded members are modeled as separate bodies. I prefer to join welded bodies in my CAD software prior to bringing them into SimScale. If you wish to use separate bodies I suggest that your bonded connections (5 to 8) be defined with a position tolerance. See this discussion for details.

For more information on preparing geometry for simulation you can watch this video.

Regards, Ben


So it means I can directly use the coordinates extracted from my CAD system (Onshape)

I will do the amendments and run the simulation again. Thank you for your Support.


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That’s correct.