Announcing the SimScale Drone Challenge


Don’t miss the chance to win your own mini quadcopter by participating in the SimScale Drone Challenge! For more details go to the official page:

image courtesy of GrabCAD user Nathan


Hello @AnnaFless

I have completed my simulations for the submission Hence, wanted to inquire, apart from posting the project link on the thread made for submission, where can I upload the PDF with the description of the plots and other modification details.



Hi @awadh_kapoor, That’s great to hear :slight_smile: Please see the following topic in the forum to submit your project: Submission Topic: Please post your competition entry here!.

You cannot directly upload a PDF here, but rather can copy over the text and images, etc. Let me know if you have any other questions!


Thanks for yur swift response @AnnaFless :relaxed: …my submission is up!


@awadh_kapoor, Just saw it - really awesome, great work!


thanks @AnnaFless , looking forward to this design challenge and a lot more with the SimScale team ahead. :relaxed:


Saw you work @awadh_kapoor ! Wish you the best for the “competition” :]


Thankyou @jousefm, yup…it’s going to be on my nerves till the results now. Excited…Thanks for your wishes.


Where can I find the additional webinar recordings session 5 and session 6 for drone which were in December 2015?