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Angular velocity rad/s


How do I obtain the rotational velocity of my wind turbine? For example, I want to find the angular velocity of my design at wind speed of 5m/s. Can simscale do this?


Yes it can be done but it is not a simple task…

Check out


There are a lot of simulations inside this link , may i know which specific one can solve my doubts?


The link (points to 1 project) was to show you that your question is extremely broad and the answer is yes with a lot of work, even more than is in that project… (and with the caveat that all CFD results are just guesses and they need to be validated in real life).

I suggest, you start by creating a precise CAD geometry file and then create a SimScale project which we can comment on.


For example this project. I dont know the rotational velocity of my turbine at wind speed of 5m/s. But through some theoretical calculation ( conservation of energy) , i get 3.867 rad/s. Can I just use this angular velocity and continue with my simulation? Since it is too complicated to get the angular velocity from simulation??


I am just guessing here, others can chime in with more specific knowledge.

You may have to simulate it inside an MRF where you iteratively set the MRF rotational speed.

I am not sure that method actually works and there may be a simpler way…

But I am sure that getting a good estimate of the rotational velocity while drawing a certain amount of power out of the turbine shaft is achievable, lets see what others suggest here…


Very good question @100067555!

I have answered a question related to power, torque and angular velocity in the past: Torque and speed from rotating turbine? - however there the angular was an input variable and not the output of our investigations. I would assume that there is a way but would have to do a bit of research and I am not quite sure if some “module” is missing. @1318980, did you give simulations like these already a try?