Angular Velocity in Initial Conditions for (Structural) Dynamic Analysis


Is there a way to create angular velocity/acceleration initial conditions in Sub-Domain for a Dynamic Structural Analysis?


Hello, and thank you for using the Forum! One can define an initial angular acceleration on the global domain by using a formula with trigonometric functions, however, this is not currently available for subdomains at the moment. What we’d recommend in this case is to define a global initial condition for acceleration with a formula, and define subdomain initial conditions for other parts with zero acceleration.

A few more details on your application could be better to evaluate other alternatives as well. What is the purpose of angular velocity/acceleration in your case? Would you like the parts of interest to actually rotate/move, or to only model the centrifugal forces on the part?

Hope this helps.

The application is a sort of Transmission brake. A gear will rotate at a certain velocity [and certain torque] while a pin suddenly falls and locks it in place. I’ve done the simulations on both parts individually [by giving a remote force with time intervals]. I’d like to model them together.

Thank you for the information. In this case, following the workaround on my previous reply should do the trick. While defining the initial angular accelerations, please make sure that initial velocity fields are defined consistently to avoid unphysical oscillations.
Hope this helps.