Analyzing/Visualizing Very Large Sims


As I am sure all who’ve run multiphase have experienced, when your simulation starts to get a little long or big the post-processing times can be really bad.

I tried downloading the simulation to instead analyze it locally in CFD viewer from Autodesk, but that program requires a .VTF extension filetype.

Is there some known/easy way to convert simscale’s output to this VTF extension?


The amount of data written really depends on your write control settings. For transient studies, such as multiphase, the “Adjustable runtime” option works best (instead of timestep).

You’re currently saving hundreds of result sets with the current settings, which is probably way too many (13 GB of data as of now).

So I’d recommend optimizing the simulation control settings. If you want to post-process locally anyway, the usual approach is to use ParaView (and not Autodesk). The steps are shown here: Post-Processing Results via 3rd-Party Solution | SimScale


Thank you! I will try that