Analysing Windmill

We are analysing an ancient Windmill and we want to assess its capabilities in line with increasing the turbine efficiency (over Betz limit) by changing the wind performance (speed and direction)
So I want to know whether SimScale can analyse 6DOF?

Thank you so much

Hi @mrezajarkeh,

Yes, it is possible! Here I share with you my favorite project using 6DOF:

But you can also find more public projects using 6DOF [here]. Please let me know if the projects that I have shared helped you and do not hesitate to reach out in case of any other questions :slight_smile:


Thank you very much for your support.

I have another question.
I have academic user and I want to use AMI rotating zone for 6dof analysis. but it is not shown in setup page (only MRF). Do you know why? and what can I do?
Thank you