An error ocurred


When I strated running simulation it shows ’ An error ocurred ’
Totally no idea what is going on here, everything is fine , mesh, simulation work preparation, checked that and everything previous is good, but always happen this.
What should I do can anybody help me?


Hi @czhang!

Can you please share the project?




I ve checked everything but really do not know how to deal with this.



Just a question @czhang. You just want to get results for the front wing, right? First thought that you had issues with the merging. Can you please confirm and I will check out the problem.




Yes I followed session 1 tutorials step want to get some results of front wing…
Thank you


But I merged files by tutorials taught .stl files
I think its okay


Hi but I am wondering if you get ideas about this problem?
Thank you


Hi again @czhang ! We are currently having a look at the issue. I will definitely inform you when this is fixed.

Sorry for the delay and lost productivity so far.



Okay thank you


Hi @czhang!

The issue has been fixed and you can start your simulation now! Sorry again for the inconveniences.

Let me know if you have any other questions.




Okay thank you very much, and I am wondering how can I send messages to you directly? I mean not via the Forum


Yes it is possible. Simply click on my profile and click on “Message”.



Cheers thank you


Hi I just tried that but still failed


Hi @czhang!

Just shared the project with you - tried it an hour ago and worked. Copy it and see if you can re-run another simulations with other parameters just to confirm.




Just found that it seems the solution fields is still error like this


Hi @czhang!

Please try to open the results again. Should work!




That’s okay now thank you very much


Hi jousefm,
same thing happened to another of my simulation, could you please have a look?