"An error ocurred" at mesh setup

I am working on a project that only changes a few things on it’s CAD for every optimization, yesterday I changed something on the CAD again, but similar to other projects I have already created here on SimScale. Therefore, this time I am waiting for a 90 minutes average for the Mesh to complete and it appears in the end “An error ocurred” and it says to get in touch with the SimScale team because this might be a Fatal Error or something like that. Could someone help me with it?

Thank you so much,
Thiago Pessoa.

Hello Thiago, and thanks for using the forum!

Could you please send me the URL to your project?

Hello ggiraldof, seems to be working now! I will update here if it happens again.

Thanks for the help!!

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Hello ggiraldof, sorry to come here, unfortunately it is happening again, and I don’t what is the reason, I thought it was working, I mean, it worked once. I checked every boundary layer and mesh size definition, and it is the same for other projects, should be ok, but it is giving me the “An error ocurred” at the mesh creation for those two projects I sent the line above.

Could you look into it if possible? Thank you.