AMI Propeller


I want to simulate an AMI Setup case, but after meshing I got an error for defining the rotatingzone für the Simulation.

Maybe someone knows a solution, I don’t know, what I did wrong.


Hi @vivien!

I could not see any error in your mesh - finished without any messages. Did you post the wrong link to the project or did you resolve the issue?



The mesh is ok, but the Simulation Setup is not working: advanced concepts -> rotating Zone 1

Best, Vivien

@jousefm I could solve the problem. But thanks for ckecking my case!

Good job @vivien :slight_smile:

Can you tell us how you solved it?



@jousefm I took a wrong solid part for the rotating zone. … But know I see that I get an fatal error I/O for my simulation and I don’t know what is wrong. I think there is still a problem with the rotating zone (?)

Hi there @vivien!

Some input for you:

  • Change your inlet from +3 m/s to -3 m/s

  • Do you really want to turn the propeller with 7500 rpm?

  • The propeller is missing a wall boundary condition (no-slip)

Maybe @Get_Barried, @Anware or @1318980 can give you some additional input here. Just a few suggestions from my side here.



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Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

hello @vivien

for the first attempt, you could just stick with steady-state simulation. it would be much easier. anyways

  1. Assign your fluid domain to both volumes. that can the water become in contact with your propeller.

  2. you have assigned your inlet and outlet surface on your wall boundary condition too.
    in fact, you should not assign wall condition for any of the bounding boxes to ensure your flow doesn’t
    affect by the wall condition instead use the table below to assign you boundary condition

  3. you should get your center of rotation to the center of the geometry which is in this case ( 0,0,0)

use this public project as a templet.




Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

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