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Airflow Simulation Help

Hello all. I am attempting to perform an airflow simulation on a cleanroom. I have been following another project found here: However when I try to do a clip filter on the room, the volume of air inside the space is not being shown. What settings do I need to change? Here is the link: Thanks in advance.

Hi @pbrookfield!

Just one question: You have posted the same link twice. Do you want me to check that project or do you have an own project and accidentally just pasted the same link?

Please let me know so that I am on the right track :slight_smile:



Hi @jousefm,
Sorry about that. Here is the project I am using as a reference:
And here is the project I am creating:
I believe my problem has something to do with what surfaces I am defining as my “walls”. Thanks again for the help!

Hi @pbrookfield,

coming back to you asap! Did not forget you :wink: Hope you are not in a rush.



I am not exactly sure where you are trying to mesh, but I think I understand. I took a look at the mesh settings and it seems like the material point in your mesh settings is in the wrong location. It is in between what you have defined as walls. You want to place it in the main section of the clean room. Something like (80,80,100) should work granted that is the main volume.

I hope that helps,


Thank you. That seemed to fix the problem.

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Glad that worked!