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Airflow is moving randomly inside enclosure

Hello there, I am having this issue with the airflow in my simulation. It seems to move weirdly. How to fix?


Hey there!

To begin with, your inlet velocity is pointing out of the domain.

The other boundary condition that is wrong is the bottom moving wall. Is there a reason for it to be this way? Otherwise just change it to a slip wall, just like the other lateral walls.

hello there!
thank you for pointing that out, how do I make it flow inside the domain?

Just reverse the direction of the vector (make the value negative):

Still getting the same problem

Make the enclosure much bigger to avoid the effect from the walls.

Still getting the same issue, please help it’s not working for a few days now


I just checked your project and the latest run seems to be working as intended:

If you’d like to update the community on the performed changes, that would be appreciated!