Aircraft wing spoiler


I am new Simscale user. I am working on project where I design an aircraft spoiler. I have worked on a design and built one. I would appreciate some help on how simulation should be carried out on this design. I would love to discuss the project in detail.
Thank you in advance.


Hi Sasi!

We have some resources in the forum, for example public projects & discussions - I am sure the @cfd_squad would be willing to give you some tips. Also feel free to share your project with us so that we can give you some tips on your setup/design etc.



Hi Josef,

Thank you for your response.

I tried searching in the example projects and I couldn’t find anything related to mine. I might be wrong because I am completely new here and am trying to figure out everything.

My project is on designing an aircraft spoiler, I would appreciate some help in the simulation of the model aircraft wing with spoiler. I am sharing the link to the project here, pardon me if that is not the right way to share it.


Hi Sasi!

My colleague Darren (@1318980) has some good investigations of airfoils in his profile: - you can use these to have a rough idea how to set up your aircraft spoiler.



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