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Air-Conditioning of a Cold Storage Room




Many food products require long storage periods before the are utilized. The thermal environment significantly effects the quality of the product. The objective of this project is to analyse the air temperature distribution in an experimental cold storage room with racks using CFD.

Input Data

The model can be created using the geometry dimensions provided in [1]:

The above image shows an overview layout of the room.

  • For complete details please refer to the paper.


The purpose of this study is to validate the the solver for indoor air-conditioning and ventilation with the experimental data presented in the paper. The measured data at several locations and levels is to be compared with calculated values to give a good ideas of the spatial distribution.

A sample Temperature distribution image.

Key Words

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD), Cold store, Temperature distribution, Air-conditioning

Literature & Sources

  • [1] S. AKDEMİR, T. BARTZANAS “Numerical Modelling and Experimental Validation of a Cold Store Ambient Factors” [Ref-1]


Not yet started.