Aerodynamics in the rear wing of an F1 car

I am getting the following error
“There is no solid region in the model. Please try to thicken or extrude sheet bodies to make them solids.”

But it is not possible to make the part a solid shape because it loses the purpose of allowing air to flow through the wing. So how do I proceed? To be more precise, how do I create a model where air can flow in between two walls, say.


“Solid”, in this context, means a watertight part (i.e. a closed solid, with volume). In your current model, we have a total of 34 sheet parts, and no solid parts. This is actually problematic for both OpenFOAM and also Code Aster solvers.

In short, these sheet parts need to be repaired in a CAD software before running simulations. Please visit this documentation page for more details.