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Aerodynamic Coefficient Behavior

I’m attempting an analysis of an open wheel race car. When I try to calculate the aerodynamic coefficients of the vehicle, I’m left with the result below.

I would like to know the coefficients of the front wing, rear wing, and entire body separately if that’s possible. For each, I created a force coefficient plot through the result control section. I then selected the faces of the each component, entered the planform area of the component and the reference length.

Hey there!

Our PowerUser @yosukegb4 has done some similar studies in the past, not separate parts in particular afaik but he might be able to add his two cents here. The other @cfd_squad members are invited as well :slight_smile:



Hi @ctrpik2 !

I took a look at @ctrpik2 's simulations.

  • Boundary conditions
    • Point on axises of Ratating walls are not set on the each wheel axle
      • -> Please set them on the each axle
  • Result control
    • Reference length should be all the same in RW, FW, Total with the wheel base length of the whole car
    • Reference area value should be all the same in RW, FW, Total with the frontal projection area of the whole car
    • Center of rotation should be set on the half of the car wheel base
    • FYI: Newbie. Forces and moments Help

Please check your conditions.