Additions to Momentum Sources

I would like to see the ability to do a little more complexity with momentum sources. What I have in mind is 1) radial sources, at least for cylinders, 2) unique shapes such as a ring instead of just a cylinder. Thanks.

Hi, @Robert01,

There is one workflow which allows you to create momentum sources for unique shapes.

It involves creating the momentum source within your CAD tool as an extra solid volume within the flow region (it works exactly like for rotating zones). In these cases, a usual approach is to create the flow region directly in your CAD software as well.

Afterward, in SimScale, you will have to define the momentum source as a cell zone. And finally, you can pick the momentum source volume (with any shape at all) directly here:




Thank you very much Ricardo! I shall try that.

I tried that. It doesn’t work. It makes the entire volume one part and I cannot assign a cell zone to the volume I want. It seems I can only import one part or volume from Onshape.


Did you create the flow volume directly in your CAD software,as suggested? Make sure to create the momentum source volume as a “New” part in your CAD software.

The momentum source volume must be an extra volume, which intersects with the flow region. So there should be a total of 2 volumes imported from Onshape (1 for the flow region, 1 for the momentum source).

If you have difficulties, please import the geometry to a project and link it here, so we can have a look!


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Thanks. I did what you said and it works just fine. I appreciate the help. Thanks again!