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Adding images, GIFs, graphs, or links to Public Projects


When adding comments, to a Community Public Project or to your own Project there are two options:

Option 1: Directly writing in the comment box

This is useful for adding text comments but if you want to add images, GIFs, graphs, or links read on to Option 2

Option 2: View full discussion:

When you create a Public Project, a project topic is created simultaneously in the SimScale forum (see categories - Projects). Therefore, if you reply to the project topic the commenting dialogue box that you are familiar with from the forum will appear.

Here you can directly copy and paste images, upload images and gifs, create hyperlinks, or tag other users using the @ function.

When you click reply, the comments and images are then visible on the Public Project

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Hi @AnnaFless,

The View Full Discussion option seems to have been removed. Is it still possible to add comments with images?

Regards, Ben


Hi @BenLewis!

I have also noticed this recently. It seems to reappear once you make a first comment. What I do normally now is to comment, then go to the View Full Discussion and then edit that comment :smiley:

I know it sounds crazy but this is a solution for now :wink: