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Adaptive meshing

Hi, I went on a course recently and the topic of adaptive meshing was bought up. I know people usually say when with be available bla bla. Can I just say id be very interested to see this bought to simscale, at least for steady state first? I found this video which looks like what I have in mind (and it happens to be open foam)

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Hi @1318980, great input and I agree! AMR has the potential to significantly simplify the setup of a stable sim + the accuracy of the results. Do you have a specific application / simulation setup in mind where you’d like to use it? Ideally a public project - then we could look into this in more detail.

And as a side note, I think the video you posted here is from @TobiasHolzmann, right Tobi?



@dheiny, yes you are right. It was simulated and tested by me. The only problem we have in 2D simulations here is the fact that the hexRefiner works for 3D only and hence (even we simulate a 2D case) we get a refinement in the direction that is marked with empty. The only way to resolve this problem is to build an own library that refine only in two-dimensions.

@1318980, which course you are referring to?

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Hi guys, thanks for the replies. @dheiny The application I would like to use it in is compressible flows, more specifically I started a project that looks at flow round a re-entry capsule. But other applications like compressor analysis in turbo machinery would also be good examples of potential use. @TobiasHolzmann I was on a course at work which was basically an introduction to a set of software, however someone mentioned GPU computing which prompted our instructor to load a video based on an adaptive mesh that was demoed by space X I believe?

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Darren Lynch

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