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Acoustic Simulation

Hello, I would like to use SimScale to do Acoustic Simulations. For example, I would like to place speakers in a room and calculate the SPL levels and ineligibility of the audio at different locations throughout the room. It seems that simscale previously had the capability to do this, as I have found old projects that mention acoustics, however when I try to load those projects it says that that funcionality is no longer available. Will this feature ever be restored?

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Hi @rlangner and thanks a lot for the feedback on the missing acoustic module on SimScale!

As you already noticed the module was part of the SimScale platform but was removed as it was not used that much. The maintenance of features is also a big issue as you might guess thus the decision to temporarily remove the acoustic module.

However another user has already opened a topic in the Vote For Features Section where you can give your vote. Depending on the feedback from the users we decide if we want to bring back the feature.

Hope that clarifies it! We still hope that we can help you with another type of simulation you are interested in.

All the best!