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ACIS format file for upload: Some do, some don't

I have a bunch of .sab (save ACIS binary) geometry files and when I attempt upload them, most do, but some don’t; failing with server code 500.

I can’t find any documentation on ACIS file uploads at all.

Is there anything that might help me work out why those that do not upload, don’t?

I’ve also tried converting them to ACIS .sat (save ACIS text) format, but they still fail; so I’m thinking it must be that they contain some geometry that SimScale doesn’t support?

The files that won’t upload all contain screw threads; is that a possible reason?

Hi @mhere!

Could you share the file with us please? Google Drive link or something similar would work. I remember one case 1.5 years ago where a user had meshing issues related to screw threads which was fixed in the end but I do not think that this will affect the upload. I am not very familiar with ACIS format - is there a possibility to work with another format? Tagging my colleagues @afischer and @rszoeke here who might help you out here.