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Acceleration Shock Test (Dynamic Analysis FEA)

Hello Everyone,
Nikhil Setty here! I am an intermediate user of the Simscale platform and am interested in FEA based projects and simulation studies.

Project Description:
The simulation is being performed to understand the frequency response of the assembly when subjected to harmonic and Shock Loads.

A) Identify Resonance frequencies of the assembly
B) Obtain the frequency response when the pack is subjected to acceleration loads of 3G with a frequency sweep from 30 Hz to 150 Hz
C) Obtain the Displacement and Stresses when Pack is subject to Shock Load of 30G for a time duration of 15 milliSeconds.

Geometry is an assembly with multiple materials such as Copper, PVC, Aluminium ad Steel. I have had no issues with Contacts and Meshing as Such.

I would like to apply the acceleration load of 30G on the entire assembly in the X and Z direction as a Rectangular Pulse, with the constant value being for a duration of 15 milliSeconds.( Trying to emulate the scenario on a vibration shaker table)

The quantities of Interest would be the displacement and Stresses on the Assembly since the requirement is to not have any physical damages to the assembly after the test.

Is there a way where I can define this in Simscale Dynamic Analysis? Help would be much appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

Link to my project:


That’s an interesting project and yes, that should be possible, by using a table input for the gravity magnitude:

As far as the table input goes, it would be something along these lines: