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What makes a difference between a pretty visualization and a meaningful simulation result? Find it out during our free SimScale CFD Master Class and learn how to fundamentally increase the accuracy of your fluid flow analysis.

Participants will receive a hands-on, interactive introduction to the different aspect of fluid dynamics simulation (CFD) and will learn from top simulation experts how to leverage the free, cloud-based SimScale platform to receive accurate simulation results. Every session comes with an optional homework assignment that will help you put the gained knowledge into practice.

HI Agata,
I cannot register to the workshop. I always get message saying my phone is not valid.

I had the same problem. How I got it to work is putting in all the numbers with no spaces. example - 19165211111.


If I am unable to make it for the webinars at the specified timing, will I be able to get the recordings and homework afterwards? Thanks!

Hi @Lt2Adnan,

Yes, you will receive an email with the recordings and homework after each session.


Where is the homework please