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Ability to import solution field for passive scalar transport

It would be very useful to be able to import solution fields (p,U,…) into passive scalar transport simulation. That way, we could run buoyancy driven flows with contaminants (for example). Since the solution field is not affected by the contaminants (as per the passive scalar transport model assumptions), I feel that this might be feasible. But I might be entirely wrong here.

Hi @sbrideau,

thanks for sharing this here! Agreed, being able to put passive scalars into a buoyant flow sim needs to be possible with SimScale! But why would you do it that way (importing solution fields into a passive scalar sim). Wouldn’t it be easier and more intuitive to being able to add one or multiple passive scalar species to a buoyancy driven flow simulation?



Yes, it would. I was just thinking that the capability to pass any velocity field into the passive scalar solver would be more universal and would work for any solver that doesn’t currently have that capability.