Ability to define 'velocity Inlet-outlet' type custom BC and 'free stream' BC from CSV upload

I wish to have a generic mesh/simulation setup to characterise a wing/wing section. To do this I define inlet-outlet velocity conditions around the mesh, however when I need to ramp the velocity to get better convergence I am forced to change the boundary conditions for each setup. This is because I need both negative and positive angles of attack, therefore a set inlet and outlet cannot be used (because is swaps depending on flow angle).

So my current options are to use a lot of man hours or use try to get a generic convergence for all scenarios. Which is sometimes just not possible. This has been hampering me for a while, particularly for compressible flow situations where ramping is pretty much required in most of my cases.

Also, I think.CSV upload fields should have an option to enter values on the fly, therefore, cutting out the open excel create a 8 cell velocity ramp file, save as CSV, upload. We could just go and set values in the fields. CSV file uploads are very important but slow down one off simple velocity ramps.