A simulation for beginner

Hello, i’m a beginner on Simscale so i hope the problem may be easily solved with some help.
I’m working on the following project: “essai dynamique - Copy”, it’s in public mode.
When i look at the results of the simulation “Run 6”, i don’t understand why I can’t see the “Von Mises stress” (and any other physical quantities) on the solid “Part 3” (the one that looks like a sole).
Can anyone help me?
Thanks a lot.

Hi @ndeli,

Thanks for posting on the forum :slight_smile:

Always make sure to attach the URL to your project when posting here!

I’ll investigate your project and get back later with my findings


Hi @ndeli, I just wanted to reach out again to provide some follow-ups

Looking at your model, the EVA you defined seems really soft (the values for \mathrm C_{01} and \mathrm C_{10} look pretty low). Where did you get the values for these parameters:

One possibility would be that they are in the wrong units. Could you check that?


Thank you for your quick response @igaviano .

Eventually I was mistaken on the units and i corrected it (Pa to kPa), I had these values experimentally. However, as you can see even when I changed the units the problem persists [essai dynamique 2 - Copy by ndeli | SimScale].
Do you have any other idea to solve it?