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A list of things that I think would help new users


If this is not the purpose of this section, please delete. It is my intention to add items to this post as I remember/encounter them.

  • When navigating the mesh/model in 3D, one facility I have used to great effect in other 3D environments, is to double-click (or select a context-menu option) that works out which face I have clicked and then re-orients the model so that the viewpoint is normal to that face with the click-point centred, but the zoom is not adjusted!

When following surface details and zoomed in tight, it can be very difficult to follow curves. This facility allows you to reorient the display to any face you can click on, and makes the process much faster and more intuitive.

A reference to that information from the error message would save a lot of time.

Going forward, not allowing the user to chose contact options that conflict with the global settings would make a lot of sense; or if the user chooses a detail option that conflicts with a global setting, bring that to their attention immediately and perhaps offer them the chance to change the global setting without loosing the state of the contact they are working on.

  • Lift the petty restrictions on characters in project descriptions. (Why?)

I kinda understand having character restrictions in titles; but in these days of unicode, disallowing question marks, exclamation points, square brackets and (TBD???) in descriptions makes no sense.


Thank you very much for your feedback @mhere! Definitely good points we need to deliver on.

If you have any feedback or wishes feel free to contact me.

All the best!