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A "Description" field for simulation runs would be useful


It would be nice if there was a “Description” field for simulation runs where we could write detailed information about the run. This would be useful when comparing different runs because the details of each run would be easy to remember. Right now I use the “Run name” field to hold the details of the run, but it has a small character limit and is all on one line so it isn’t easy to read.


@tryabin - great suggestion. Could you elaborate on what you’d put in such a description? Or maybe even give an example? I want to make sure I’ve understood the intention correctly - I’ll add it to the feature request backlog!


One example for information that would be useful in a “Description” field is the initial conditions, simulation control data, and a description of the mesh used. I know that simulation run information can be found by expanding the simulation run, but it would require lots of clicks to see all the information. A “Description” field would allow users to put all the run information they need in one place.

A concrete example:

10 cm/s flow in x direction
40 seconds
.001 sec timestep
Write every 400 timesteps
300 cells in x direction


Hi SimScale Staff,
I would like to support the @tryabin’s proposal and to ask whether it is on product roadmap.

Thank you in advance!