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6DOF Simulation - Wave Impact

i am trying to do a hydrodynamic analysis to check the reaction of the device to to wave impact. kindly help me with the procedure as i am a beginner.

Hi @anusha!

Please make sure that you post your project link along with a small description of what you want to achieve. I am sure @PowerUsers_CFD and me can help you out with your project.

Cheers and all the best!


Hi @anusha and thanks for the link!

Two questions:

  1. Do you want to perform an external flow analysis to see how the object behaves in multiphase flows?

  2. The dimension of your model is in the order of 10^{-4}. Is that on purpose or do you want to scale it? This is possible via the geometry operation in the Mesh Creator.

If you really want to perform a 6-DOF analysis of your model you can have a look at the following project as an inspiration: Floating Boat - 6 DOF motion

Would be nice if you could give us some more information. The more information the faster we can help you!

Thanks and all the best!


yes, i would like to perform an external flow analysis,
i want to study the motion of the device when placed on the shore and its response to the incident waves

Hey @anusha!

Then the project I posted above should be a good template you can use for your project. If you get stuck somewhere feel free to contact me - will jump in to help you.



i tried the same but i am not able to get the result, there is an error which i am not able to rectify

Started a meshing operation @anusha! Getting back to you asap!

All the best!