3D Viewer Familiarization Help Needed

I have used a variety of 3D software for modeling. I am struggling with gripping and rotating the models I find in the library. They feel like they are backwards. Is there any way to modify the way I manipulate the objects to something I may be more familiar with?

Hi there @HansenJC001 and thanks a lot for your feedback, greatly appreciate that! :slight_smile:

We had these discussions in the past already and I agree and can understand that everyone has his/her own preferences when it comes to handling of the operations. What would you suggest in that case? One scenario I could think of would be that the user could personalize this setting or chooses from a list of other packages so that you have the settings of let’s say Creo or any other software, does that make sense to you?

Forwarding your request in any case!



@jousefm I am still flexible. Are there any instructions or tutorials that describe or illustrate how to use the transform widget?
My experience is with Blender and Fusion 360. Beyond that I would suggest that a team be assembled who can define the different widgets and transform methods and offer them as choices to set in preferences.
I also think that X Y and Z axis lines be imposed on the environment. I am sure that would help me more than not seeing any way to orient my point of view.